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Go Bengals!

Ottawa Hills High School


Go Bengals!

Ottawa Hills High School

Go Bengals!

Ottawa Hills High School

Go Bengals!

Ottawa Hills High School

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July 17, 2023

Hello Students and Parents/Guardians,

On behalf of the Ottawa Hills Athletic Department, I welcome all students to participate in our interscholastic sports programs. The high school fall sports season will be kicking off on August 7, 2023, and we hope that you will be able to participate during the 2023-24 school year.

Sports are an excellent way to grow and develop as a high school student. Athletics can play a major role in a student’s life as it teaches several life skills. Sports help to develop skills such as time management, problem solving, leadership, discipline, good sportsmanship, delegation, motivation, and team building.

Our Ottawa Hills Athletic Department mission is to provide a high quality athletic program with excellence in the classroom and in athletic competition. Our primary concern is the education of the student. Our athletic administration, staff and coaches are committed to providing a challenging, supportive and caring environment where our student-athletes can reach their academic, athletic and personal potential.

Sports play an integral part in a student’s life. There are several great benefits to participating in high school sports:

  • Students who play high school sports have better educational outcomes, including higher grades, higher achievement test scores, and higher educational expectations beyond high school.
  • Participation in high school sports is a valuable part of the overall high school experience, enhancing students’ school engagement and sense of belonging.
  • Students involved in high school sports often have many healthier behaviors leading to better physical and mental health.

Here at Ottawa Hills High School we offer 20 different varsity sports programs throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons. The fall sports season begins on August 7th. Please see/refer to fall sports brochure for more information.

How to sign up you ask???  Contact the coach or the OHHS Athletic Department at 616-819-2879.

Please remember that the coaches and administrators are here for you. Our goal is to help you succeed on and off the field/court.

I am excited to be a part of the rich tradition of Ottawa Hills athletics and look forward to supporting you and having you participate in our sports programs.


Marcus Harris, Director of Athletics
Ottawa Hills High School


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